March 2, 2015

Creative-Hangout-1_collage_WEBOur first Creative Hangout was a success!  Thanks to all that made it out and we’re sorry we missed some of you due to the weather! We look forward to hanging out next time, for sure!  A special thanks to our speaker, Bryan Deluca of Foot Cardigan.  He was funny and witty & most importantly SO INSPIRING.  He shared a great message and words for success:
• Trust Yourself – Don’t waste your time worrying about what anyone else thinks (or is doing).  Your ideas are unique & special, just like YOU.
• Get your ideas out there – Trust in sharing your ideas and your vision to build a team to support your dreams.  It’s impossible for your ideas to come to life, if you’ve never shared them with anyone. Don’t worry about your ideas being taken, there is only one YOU, and no two people will do anything the exact same.
• Less is more – To be most effective with your time, narrow your focus to your best 1 or 2 ideas.  It’s easy to want to bring all your ideas to life, but the best way to be successful is work towards 1 goal and file away other ideas for another time!

We will be following up soon with membership information & the date, time & place for the next Creative Hangout! Please be sure to follow us on Instagram to stay informed and inspired!
-Steph & the Creative Hangout team.

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