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Recap: Creative Hangout No. 6

September 16, 2015



(Models: Brett, Allie, Kristen & Andrea, with Host Holly Quartaro)

Thanks to everyone who came out for our fall fashion event at Galleria Dallas.  The Second Floor Restaurant private dining Prive was the perfect venue. This gorgeous intimate setting is perfect for any small to mid- size gathering.  Very cozy and super stylish! Not to mention the most delicious drinks, hors d’ oeuvres and dessert. Fashion & food, two of our favorite things.

Our host, Holly Quartaro was on point as usual. She delivered 5 perfect looks (even a couple on herself) that are so versatile and suitable for so many occasions.  We learned so much and we’re clued in to some of her favorite stores at the Galleria Dallas.

Holly Shared with us some key notes for those that couldn’t attend to help get you ‘on trend’ and dressed for success this fall. Keep your eyes and ears out for next month’s event.  Details coming to our blog and social media soon!CH_6_Collage

Creative Hangout – Back to Work by Holly Quartaro

• What you wear affects how you feel and how others perceive you.  This is true in every aspect of our lives – especially when it comes to our professional careers.

• It is important to dress how you want others to see you.  Dressing the part (whatever that may be, depends on your field) can make you feel more confident and empowered.

• As creative professionals, we have more freedom to take chances with our wardrobe and make a more playful statement.  But that creative freedom can actually make getting dressed for work even more difficult than if you had a corporate job.

• In a creative atmosphere, it is completely acceptable to be more casual or more inventive in your wardrobe selections. The key is to find the perfect balance between personal style and professional polish.

There are usually two main pitfalls that creatives make when it comes to their work wardrobe:

Dressing too casually
If meeting with a potential (fill-in the blank – client, collaborator, advertiser, etc.) your look could give the impression that you aren’t serious about the assignment.
Self-expression overkill
If your wardrobe selections are too “out there” your style could end up overshadowing your skill set.

You don’t have to abandon your personal style or comfort level…maybe just tweak it a bit!

Casual / Work from Home Style
Many of us work from home or split time between our work life and family life, so comfort is key!!
-What we wear for work has to also work in our real life…we often don’t have the luxury of changing out of our “work clothes” even when not working anymore.
-We want to look put-together even when on the go
-Keep professional staples on-hand (blazer or topper / change of shoes)  to help bridge the gap between home and work
-Accessories can make the difference

Meetings and Events
-Focus on being on-trend, not necessarily trendy
-Day to night dressing

Quick Tips:
-Balance personal style with professional polish
-Keep professional staples on-hand (blazer, change of shoes)  to help bridge the gap between   home and work
-Shop for classics with a twist – design features can elevate your look and set you apart from the crowd
-Borrow work wear from your weekend wardrobe – just enhance the look with interesting accessories to put a creative spin on basic pieces
-It’s always worth investing in a work wardrobe…and if your work clothes are also your everyday clothes, even better!!

Holly Quartaro
Fashion Stylist, Galleria Dallas
Facebook:  Holly Quartaro
Instagram: @hollyquartaro
Twitter: @MyStyleHQ